Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Reprise Surprise

The last time I was vegetarian, my parents fretted and my dad even cried because they were concerned about my health. I finally broke down and started eating meat again, and did so - with enjoyment - for about 12 years.

So I’ve delayed posting this news or mentioning it to my parents because I didn’t want to upset them. But sometimes it’s better to get things out in the open - in the most cowardly way possible, of course. My pseudonym is Eclecta, and I’m a vegetarian. Again. I think. I’m pretty sure.

But things are pleasantly different this time. For one thing, I live in Toronto, and the support and the products for vegetarians is a lot better than “back in the day” in a small town.

I’m not dogmatic about vegetarianism. I’m not about to preach to anyone what they should do (even with cigarette smokers I try to wheedle, guilt, and persuade rather than preach LOL). I don’t even want to discuss my very personal decision why, about a month ago, I chose to change my eating habits (though I hope it goes without saying that the decision was made for sound reasons and not because of any person's influence). There are lots of reasons to forego or even just reduce one’s meat consumption – see One Hundred & One Reasons to Go Vegetarian if you’re curious.

It’s true that I’ve struggled somewhat with my anemia in the past month (I’ve been quite anemic for years), but I’m taking extra iron supplements while I learn about good alternative sources for iron, such as legumes, dried apricots, and mushrooms (who knew???). On the other hand, with a new focus on my diet, I’m eating healthier foods and reducing my caloric intake (in a sensible fashion, of course). And I’m actually cooking most of my own meals again! (So if you have any words of encouragement or healthy, meatless recipes to share, please contact me!)

And Dad, don’t worry … you know how much crap (hormones, antibiotics, rendered animals) goes into meat these days anyway. :)

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A sword? Really? A SWORD????

I have at least one long blog post I want to write, but life keeps --- happening. Soon. In the meantime, check out this wacky news article:

OCONOMOWOC, Wis. - A man said he broke into an apartment with a cavalry sword because he thought he heard a woman being raped, but the sound actually was from a pornographic movie his upstairs neighbor was watching.
Poor guy - just trying to be someone's knight in shining armour ... a little too literally, however! :)

I really hope he isn't convicted.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Workers of the World Relax

Chris has a very interesting post here. Take a read and tell me what you think.

Snow night

Frigid temperatures and knifing gusts have given way to a mild, peaceful calm punctuated with gorgeous, fat, fluffy snowflakes. So tonight, rather than slaving in a climate-controlled fitness centre, I laced up my boots, pulled on my toque and gloves, and headed out with my hiking poles. The ultimate destination was the World’s Biggest Bookstore (a temptation sure to motivate!), and so for over an hour, I trundled along, deeply breathing the sometimes fresh, sometimes exhaust-laced air. The poles helped me walk faster (it’s really surprising how much of an added push you can give yourself!) and also helped me stay upright when the sidewalks were slippery. Sure, I got some funny looks from strangers as I walked through posh Yorkville or past the University of Toronto, but they were probably just envious. :)

Considering that I haven’t been exercising a lot lately, it was a great workout. Of course, by the time I finally reached the WBB, I was almost too tired to look for the book I’d come to look at (Mad Cowboy by Howard F. Lyman).

I finally dragged myself home, exhausted yet … totally happy in the moment.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Let's do something about global warming NOW

David Suzuki's recent Science Matters column is so good that I am going to post most of it here (somehow I don't think he'd mind.):

As I cross the country I keep coming up against two myths. These myths aren't perpetuated by ordinary Canadians, but by pundits and politicians. It's when I talk to real Canadians that I realize how out-of-touch these commentators really are.

Myth number one: Canadians aren't willing to accept the changes necessary to truly address global warming (or, as I heard someone describe it recently global weirding since it doesn't just cause warming, but a host of other bizarre climactic changes).

In fact, wherever I go I meet people who are already making changes or are eager to do so - if they knew where to start. So Canadians are willing - they're just looking for real leadership that will ensure that everyone does their part fairly so it isn't just dumped on the average citizen.

... sources of greenhouse gases are widely known and readily measurable, so this is relatively easy to quantify. The key is to start making the reductions now. As former Chief Economist with the World Bank, Sir Nicholas Stern, recently said at a news conference with me - doing so is actually a sound economic investment in the future. The costs of moving to a low-carbon economy are very low compared to dealing with a world of unchecked global warming.

This leads me to myth number two: the notion that it's impossible to meet Kyoto. I'm not sure how this one started - likely through an industrial lobby group - but media pundits love it and repeat it unquestioningly. The truth is that meeting Kyoto now, even after years of stalling, is still readily achievable for Canada. To start, we can go a long way to meeting our targets through reductions within our own country - most of which will pay for themselves through increased efficiency over a few years anyway.

As for the remainder, we can purchase international carbon credits through the Kyoto Protocol's Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). This was set up precisely to help countries like Canada achieve our targets in a meaningful way. Funds from the purchase of these credits goes towards projects in developing countries that will result in a net decrease in greenhouse gas emissions.

Global warming is a problem without borders, so if Canada helps reduce heat-trapping emissions in another part of the world, the effect is the same. A global carbon market is an effective economic tool to help solve a global problem. Canada should embrace this market. A well-regulated market can be an extremely effective way to help developing countries "leapfrog" technologically and go from high-carbon to low-carbon sources of energy.

If Canada truly embraces a low-carbon future and becomes a leader in renewable energy and energy-efficiency technologies, international carbon credits can also help Canada's economy. Developing countries have to buy their low-carbon technologies from somewhere. If our leaders play their cards right, that somewhere could be from Canadian businesses.

We mustn't forget that Canada made an international promise when we signed and ratified Kyoto. We're bound by that commitment and we can't just turn our backs on it because it's no longer convenient. Judging from my own experiences, I'd say Canadians have figured this out. It's our leaders who are still in denial.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Wow photo

Originally uploaded by Noisypond.

This photo is probably my "wow" from the conference. The lighting was great, everything was happening so fast that I didn't even realize that I had this shot until after I looked at it on my computer.

I'm also really pleased that I caught Wagih with the big smile as he was obviously enjoying the learning exercise we were doing.

Bob and Jules

Originally uploaded by Noisypond.

Too funny! :)

Smiles at a work conference

Originally uploaded by Noisypond.

My department had a two-day conference this week, and I was one of the official photographers. (It was very good practice.)

I like this photo because I really had to work to get a natural pose from Valerie in the middle, and because I think I managed to capture her lovely warmth as a person. Leslie (R) and Julie (L) also show their strength and good natures as well. :)

Saturday, February 17, 2007

International petition re. global warming

Check out this new video about climate change - from the MoveOn folks.

While you are there please take a minute to sign the petition urging world leaders to wake up to this problem and take bold action to solve the climate crisis now.


Maps of War

Or, why the Middle East has been so f-----d up.

This website is actually very cool.

Thanks to Jules for the link.

Your shopping list for beautiful music

Okay, open up your iTunes, because I'm about to give you a list of some of the music I find most beautiful. You might already have some of it, or maybe I'm missing some of your favourites that you could mention in the comments. I would love to hear your thoughts!

But here's my list of some of the most beautiful music I know:

- Gabriel's Oboe by Ennio Morricone (this one had to be mentioned first)
- The Floating Bed by Elliot Goldenthal (from the movie Frida)
- Liz on Top of the World by Jean-Yves Thibaudet (from the movie Pride and Prejudice)
- Theme from Somewhere in Time by John Barry
- Swallows in Flight by Michael Jones
- Evening by Michael Jones
- Inverness by Suzanne Ciani (there is a piano version and a "non-acoustic" version - I like either, but you might have more specific preferences)
- Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata
- Beethoven's Symphony No. 9 (Ode to Joy) - if with the full orchestra, choir, etc.
- Beethoven's Symphony No. 5 because it's so powerful and passionate

(this list is getting harder and harder to create because I want to listen to all of this music in its entirety before I move on to the next piece.)

- Glider Part 1 by Bill Conti (from "The Thomas Crown Affair". If you have not yet seen the version of this film with Pierce Brosnan and Renee Russo, stop everything you're doing RIGHT NOW and rent it!!!)
- 5 Days in May by Blue Rodeo ("They made the stars around them shine" ... sheer poetry)
- Pavane in E Minor by Debussy (just buy John Williams' CD, "Romance of the Guitar". It's gorgeous.)
- Claire de Lune by Debussy
- Prelude to the Afternoon of a Fawn by Debussy
- Beautiful by Gordon Lightfoot
- Romance by Anonymous, preferably played by classical guitarist John Williams
- She's Already Made Up Her Mind by Lyle Lovett
- My Big Secret, All Imperfect Things, and The Promise by Michael Nyman, from the soundtrack for "The Piano"
- Tomorrow's Child by Narada
- Come Away with Me by Norah Jones
- Una Notte a Napoli by Pink Martini
- Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No. 2, especially Moderato
- Scheherazade by Rimsky-Korsakov
- Libertango by Yo Yo Ma (the album "Soul of the Tango" is one of my favourites)
- The Wedding by Ashley MacIsaac

So ... what did I miss???? :)

Friday, February 16, 2007

Niagara Escarpment Threatened by Development Decision

Also from a newsletter from Ontario Nature:

Take Action: Niagara Escarpment Threatened by Development Decision
Deadline for Comments: February 19, 2007

The following Action Alert was issued by Ontario Nature on February 9, 2007

Late last year, the Ontario Municipal Board issued a decision that paves the way for extensive residential development on the Niagara Escarpment within the Town of Blue Mountain in Grey County. Castle Glen Developments wants to build over 1,600 residential units, 300 hotel units as well as commercial and retail space, and up to three golf courses on a 620 acre tract that spills over the brow of the Escarpment. It will be the largest single development on the Niagara Escarpment since 1975. Use the letter template below to help convince the Minister of Municipal Affairs to overturn this decision.

Located just south-east of Blue Mountain in the Collingwood area, the area forms part of the UNESCO World Biosphere Designated Zone of the Niagara Escarpment. It is over 70% forested, is the source for headwaters of Silver Creek (the most productive salmon and trout spawning river in Georgian Bay) and Black Ash Creek, has two provincially significant wetlands and a significant Area of Natural and Scientific Interest (ANSI), and is home to two at-risk species: the hart’s tongue fern and the butternut tree. The Bruce Trail runs through the property. The Ontario Greenbelt Alliance (of which Ontario Nature is a founding member) has named the area as one of the Top 10 Greenbelt Hotspots under threat from poorly-planned development that could destroy significant natural features.

The Castle Glen proposal was first put forward and initially approved in the early 1970s. It was put on hold while the Niagara Escarpment Plan was being formulated in the 1980s. Because the initial approvals were granted before the Niagara Escarpment Plan came into effect, the proponents have argued that they are “grandfathered” and exempt from its provisions. However, there is no doubt that if the proposal came before the Niagara Escarpment Commission (NEC) today, it would not be approved. While supporting the development’s Phase 1 application, the NEC asked for a significant reduction in the land available for development and golf in Phase 2.

Most recently, the Town of Blue Mountain adopted an amendment to its Official Plan to permit the development to proceed. The Niagara Escarpment Commission voiced a number of concerns, as did a variety of conservation organizations, particularly the Blue Mountain Watershed Trust Foundation.

On December 4, 2006, the OMB decided that the policies contained in the Castle Glen Official Plan are sufficient to protect the natural heritage features of the site, and that they conform to the Niagara Escarpment Plan and the County of Grey Official Plan.

Members of the Blue Mountain Watershed Trust Foundation are appealing to Premier McGuinty and Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing John Gerretsen to implement a Minister’s Zoning Order under the Planning Act. The Minister has wide discretion to override municipal planning decisions, in this case reversing the Town’s decision to approve the Official Plan Amendment.

Make a difference to the future of this significant piece of the Niagara Escarpment by writing a letter by February 19th!

Please write to the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing with a copy to the Premier; ask that he overrule the Town and the OMB and implement a Zoning Order preventing the Castle Glen development on the Niagara Escarpment. Write your own letter or use the sample letter at, adapting it to your own views.

Hon. John Gerretsen
Minister of Municipal Affairs & Housing
17th Floor
777 Bay St
Toronto ON M5G 2E5
Fax: 416-585-6470

To send a copy to Premier McGuinty, you must copy and paste it into the form on this website:

Please send a copy of your letter or email to Ontario Nature at

Swan attacked by idiot in boat

From an Ontario Nature newsletter I received this week:

On November 10, 2006, two field naturalists, both members of Ontario Nature, witnessed a man operating a power boat on Lake Simcoe, driving at high speed directly at a trumpeter swan. The swan was not struck but was injured by the wake as the boat continued to harass and circle the swan.

The two naturalists took pictures of the boat and driver and were able to locate the boat for the South Simcoe Police. A 25 year old Innisfil man surrendered himself to police and has been charged under both the Federal Migratory Birds Convention Act and the Small Vessel Regulations.

The injured trumpeter swan was located not far from the incident and a rescue was organized by the two naturalists along with the Toronto Wildlife Center and Wye Marsh. The swan was successfully captured and taken to the University of Guelph Veterinary College for treatment of her injuries.

Her wing had a bad break and needed surgery. Since she may not fly again the Wye Marsh agreed to keep her there and hopefully she will find a mate and still breed. The rehabilitation of this swan was estimated to cost over $2,000.

The two club members of the Barrie Brereton Nature Club and the Six Mile Lake Conservationists Club have worked very hard to do the right thing for this swan. Without their persistence and determination this swan would probably have frozen to death on the lake. They are organizing a couple of fund raising events and have committed to raising enough money to cover the cost of the rehabilitation of this magnificent bird.

We are asking that the Ontario Nature clubs and members support the efforts to save this swan by donating to a swan fund. The funds will be used to pay for the swan and any excess funds will be donated to the Toronto Wildlife Center and to the Wye Marsh Swan program.

Donations can be sent to:
Brereton Field Naturalists Club
c/o Brian Gibbon, 24 George St. Barrie Ontario L4N 5N3
Please make cheques out to Brereton Field Naturalists Club and write SWAN FUND on the bottom of the cheque.
A tax receipt will be issued for any amounts over $10.00.

For more information contact:
Anne Lewis, President
Six Mile Lake Conservationists Club
PO Box 49 Mactier, ON P0C 1H0

JJ the rescued trumpeter swan had surgery January 20th and it went very well. She is now recovering at the Wye Marsh. The surgery cost $1,500.00.

Jennifer Howard, her son Jeff and others from the Wye Marsh, Six Mile Conservation Club and the Brereton Field Naturalists will be organizing a work day this spring at the Wye Marsh to improve the area where JJ will live with 2 other trumpeters.

The charges to the man who ran at JJ with his boat on Lake Simcoe are still pending.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Nice try, Jules!

Julian, learning that a co-worker is taking a day off tomorrow for Chinese New Year:

Hey, I should get the day off too! (Pause, thinking.) I celebrate Chinese New Year every year.

Self, thinking I will call his bluff:

Oh yeah, Jules? What do you do for Chinese New Year?

Julian, spine ramrod straight, turns to me, looks me unblinkingly in the eye and with perfect timing says:

I'm the ass end of the dragon that dances around!


Kevin's new saying

"Sleep is SO last century!" LOL

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Gerald Eaton waved at ME!!!

Today … free lunchtime concert in downtown Toronto by The Philosopher Kings! And Gerald Eaton waved at me. ME!!!!

Okay, you may not have heard of Gerald Eaton or The Philosopher Kings (or perhaps the latter only in the Platonic sense), but this is one of my very favourite bands. Their music is a fusion of styles, and yes, they’re Canadian! Their music is passionate, soulful, and sexy.

I also went to see them in another free concert a couple of weeks ago at the WinterCity Festival – they put on a great show. I don’t care for most pop/rock concerts, because they generally bore me and sound like crap (yes, I include U2 in this category!). Today’s music is so mixed and engineered that what you might hear on a CD (or, get with the times, Eclecta, on an MP3) is generally far better than what I’ve heard live.

Notable exception: The Philosopher Kings. They’re actually talented musicians. My favourite is the pianist Jon Levine. He’s amazing. From my vantage point today, the keys looked like they were bouncing off the keyboard!

Anyway, now to the fun stuff: today I dragged my co-worker Judy with me to First Canadian Place and we found a place one story above, behind, and a bit to the side of the stage. There were a lot of people in the audience. See:

(The brown thing in the middle of the photo is a water feature, which explains why there are so few office workers sitting there. LOL)

The concert was great (of course) and at one point, they were performing the song, “Cry”. Gerald Eaton, the lead singer, asked the audience if we would like to sing along, and I said “Yeah!” out loud because I was mouthing all the lyrics anyway. I guess he must have heard me, because within a minute, he’d turned around and looked right at me (grinning enthusiastically and dressed in a bright pink sweater – um, that’s me, not G.E.). So, casually, I waved. Being friendly. :) He smiled and OH MY GOD HE WAVED BACK!!!!!!!!!! AT ME!!!!!!!!

Okay, so Gerald Eaton is just a man and isn’t really all that famous. And he’s married. And never looked back in my direction for the rest of the concert. But humour me – rationalization is for when life disappoints or hurts, not for when you have a giddy moment day of joy because you made a connection (however brief) with someone who is talented and in the spotlight. And sizzling hot. LOL Really, these moments need to be savoured, relished, documented, banked into the memory to get you through the gray days and to marshal your spirits.

Your turn: what are your favourite live bands? And what memories get you through the dark times? :)


Originally uploaded by Noisypond.

David and Min at the outdoor Philosopher Kings' concert Jan. 26th.


Originally uploaded by Noisypond.

I trust no more needs to be said. :)

Philospher Kings in concert

Originally uploaded by Noisypond.

Free outdoor concert last month - totally freezing but completely worth it!!!!

Jon Levine

Jon Levine
Originally uploaded by Noisypond.

Jon Levine of the Philosopher Kings playing in the snow at the Toronto WinterCity Festival.

March of the Penguins

I found this cute YouTube video via Enjoy! :)

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Eat your heart out, ladies

Originally uploaded by Noisypond.

Count 'em - eight men and me, out on the town last Friday night! Okay, most are married/virtually married and one is as gay as the day is long, but hey! I was still the rose among the thorns. ;->

These are some of my co-workers who gathered to wish Marcel (centre in blue shirt) well in his new job at another employer. Some happy hour drinks and hors d'oeuvres before I met some friends at the free skating rink at Harbourfront. Camera in tow, of course. :)

The miracle of birth

Okay, theoretically you might be disappointed that there is no video of the birth of my new niece and nephew (ya right), so here is something of a substitute. Hey, at least it's about twins! and they're kids!!!!

Skating at the Harbourfront

Originally uploaded by Noisypond.

Friday night. :)

Monday, February 12, 2007

Sabrina - at it again

Yep, that's my boot - and that's my cat Sabrina rubbing her face against it like it's coated in catnip or gravy or something. She's definitely got a thing for leather ... except if it's Farzanah's shoes. (Sabrina still only tolerates my roommate's presence in our apartment.) Last week, I saw Sabrina approach a pair of shoes that Farzanah had left on the welcome mat, take a whiff of them, then stick her nose in the air and walk away. What a snob! LOL

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Latest baby photos

So here's the latest about the twins! Here they are in their teeny-tiny glory with their paternal grandparents (my folks), who were visiting for a few days. Apparently they are angels throughout the day, but keep the new parents up most of the night. (Fairly typical for newborns, from what I can gather, but double the work/stress/etc.) Hopefully they will settle into a better schedule soon. The good thing is that they seem to be getting a lot of support from both sides of the family. :)

In the eye!

Last night my friend Melanie went to see the movie "Pan's Labyrinth". A beautiful, moving, violent movie replete with symbolism. It was incredibly creative and imaginative. The synopsis as per

Written and directed by Guillermo del Toro, PAN'S LABYRINTH is a thrilling, violent fairy tale set in post-Civil War Spain. Ivana Baquero stars as Ofelia, a young girl who moves with her mother, Carmen (Ariadna Gil), into the home of Captain Vidal (Sergi López), in an abandoned mill in the middle of dark, dangerous woods. Vidal is leading his team of soldiers against resistance fighters--and he will do whatever is necessary to kill every last one of them. As Vidal bosses around the pregnant Carmen, a flying creature leads Ofelia through a garden labyrinth and into an underground cave ruled by Pan (HELLBOY's Doug Jones), who believes that Ofelia might be the lost princess of this strange yet magical place. To prove she is royalty, Ofelia must complete three tasks, each more difficult and terrifying than the previous one. Meanwhile, Vidal is becoming more and more paranoid, torturing and murdering seemingly at will. Del Toro (THE DEVIL'S BACKBONE, HELLBOY, CRONOS) creates a marvelous battle between good and evil, between heroes and villains, in both the real world aboveground and the mystical land below. Baquero gives a compelling performance as the terrorized Ofelia, who is befriended by Mercedes (Maribel Verdú), a woman who harbors some secrets of her own. Stellar production design, superb special effects, and a stirring score by Javier Navarrete add to the scary fun. Selected as the closing-night entry in the 2006 New York Film Festival, PAN'S LABYRINTH is a captivating story that is not for the squeamish.
I loved the movie, cried several times through it, hid my eyes at several points as well. I don't think it needed to be as graphically violent as it was, but it was still a very worthwhile movie to see. (Mel didn't cry once - what the hell? She's the artsy one!!! LOL)

Those who've gone to movies with me before know I really get into it. Last night, there was a scene where one of the villians was at the receiving end of a knife. I don't think I was very loud, but I was actually calling out encouragement to the other character: "Yes!" [rabbit-punching the air, then with helpful stabbing gesture] "In the eye! In the eye!!!!" (It was loud enough to make Mel crack up, anyway.) I can't remember ever having such a violent reaction to a character before. You'll understand why if you've seen the movie. And if you haven't, I would definitely recommend going to see it.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Adventures with internal transport systems

Somehow I don't think it's normal for one's internal plumbing to sound like a streetcar rumbling down the tracks. Tonight's mantra is: I will never eat macaroni and cheese again.

I will never eat macaroni and cheese again.
I will never eat macaroni and cheese again.
I will never eat macaroni and cheese again.

(at least not without taking some lactase pills first).


Winter at Seaside Links- Chatham, MA

Winter at Seaside Links- Chatham, MA
Originally uploaded by Chris Seufert.

I love this shot too!

Dawn Clouds and Sea from Shore Rd.

Dawn Clouds and Sea from Shore Rd.
Originally uploaded by Chris Seufert.

Chris' photos are outstanding, aren't they? :)

Winter Sunset at Rock Harbor

Winter Sunset at Rock Harbor
Originally uploaded by Chris Seufert.

Another gorgeous shot from one of my Flickr buddies, Chris Seufert of Massachusetts.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Fun in the studio, part 2

One of my classmates gamely playing the model during a break in our photography class last week. As soon as he got in front of the camera, I found him to be a fascinating subject, with his rumpled charm. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do. :)

Okay, the next one is a bit out of focus, but the expression is priceless:

I love the lighting in this shot - the feeling is really open:

This is what I call his "George Clooney in O Brother Where Art Thou" moment:

Yvonne in the studio

Originally uploaded by Noisypond.

... looking adorable, naturally!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Bad blogger

Yes, it's been a while since I've blogged - did you miss me??? Yes, it was all a ploy to make you frustrated with a lack of updates on my blog - and yet you keep coming back - so when finally I do post an update, you're excited and grateful. I'm the kind of person who will toy with you that way. :)

Quick update, as I should be doing things other than blogging, namely sleeping:

  • Both twins are now home with the new mom and dad, and my parents (the freshly-minted grandparents) are now visiting. I don't know much more than what Joe is blogging, so check here for updates. But don't count on many postings, as life seems to be pretty busy for the new family. Aside from the fact that I love hearing news about these babies and spending ridiculous amounts of time staring at their photos, a rarely updated Cranium Outpost makes me look like the most prolific blogger ever. Who says I can't find the silver lining in a cloud???
  • Only three more classes left in my current photography course. Thank goodness. I find the current instructor very frustrating to deal with, and he gives us really stupid assignments every week. STOOPID assignments. Then pleads with us to create photographs with soul, not just pretty pictures. Ah, dude? How about giving us just a little more creative freedom, instead of one bogus theoretical exercise after the other? Grrrrrrr .....
  • For those of us who beat ourselves up for letting a relationship get the best of us and mess us up when we feel we should be strong, independent, etc., a little bit of reassurance (in a sick kind of way). People, if an astronaut can let a relationship f--k up her life this badly, I think most of us aren't doing that badly! (A special shout-out to RB on this one.) Okay, okay, you might argue that this woman is just a nutbar who wore diapers (rather than take bathroom breaks) on the long drive to confront/kidnap/murder the other woman in a bizarre love triangle, but what does this prove except how truly normal the rest of us really are??? LOL
  • Via my online gal-pal Carol, the best time-waster ever! My own works of art: