Monday, June 30, 2008

early morning

early morning
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I love, love, LOVE LOVE LOVE this photo.

aviary roman stripe quilt top finished!

aviary roman stripe quilt top finished!
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This photo makes me want to take up quilting.

If only I didn't already spend too much time daily hunched over my computer ... :)

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

E-mail from Avaaz: Save Zimbabwe from Mugabe

Dear friends,

African leaders can still save Zimbabwe by holding an emergency summit to broker a legitimate government. Click below to join the call:


On Thursday, 27th June, Zimbabwe will hold a cruel sham of a vote for President. The opposition Movement for Democratic Change has just withdrawn from the run-off -- not in a concession of victory, but rather in recognition that Mugabe's campaign of violence and terror has erased any hope for a democratic election.

But against the odds, hope survives. Amidst growing international pressure, Mugabe's ZANU-PF party and the opposition have entered private talks. A unity government may be possible yet.

The United Nations Security Council unanimously held on Monday that free and fair elections are now impossible in Zimbabwe. The UN Secretary-General spoke out. But it is African leaders, most of all Thabo Mbeki, who hold the key. Even Mugabe cannot cling to power without their cooperation. Today, we're launching an emergency campaign, petitioning these leaders to call an immediate summit, isolate Mugabe, and broker a legitimate government for Zimbabwe. Our call will be published in big newspaper advertisements in South Africa, Tanzania, Angola, and Mozambique this week -- click here to see the ads and endorse their message:

Zimbabwe's neighbours supply its electricity and goods, and control the borders. Many Southern African leaders are already calling for the postponement of the election -- but there's a real danger that they will end up accepting this charade. This would be a grave miscalculation: if Mugabe succeeds in his de facto coup, Zimbabwe's implosion will accelerate, and chaos could spread throughout the region.

So our campaign will publicly name those African leaders who hold Mugabe's last remaining lifeline. If these leaders step up strongly now, they can convince enough of Mugabe's officials that change is coming one way or another -- and set the stage for Morgan Tsvangirai to lead a unity government to pull Zimbabwe back together.

Robert Mugabe saved Zimbabwe from colonialism. Now it's time for African leaders to save Zimbabwe from him.

Help us raise 250,000 voices this week, including a great roar from every country in Africa, to be delivered in an immediate multi-country ad campaign. Click to see the ads, sign, and then forward this to friends:

With hope and determination,

Ben, Alice, Paul, Graziela, Mark, Ricken, Iain, Veronique, Pascal, and Milena -- the team

PS: For more information and sources for the facts above, see:

Thabo Mbeki and the emergency talks for a settlement:

United Nations Security Council declares free and fair elections "impossible":

Elections going ahead despite MDC pull-out:

Mugabe: "Only God will remove me!"

Regional leaders criticizing Mugabe:
Tanzania's Kikwete -
Rwanda's Kagame -
Kenya's Odinga -
Uganada's Museveni -

Much like my brain, lately ...

Monday, June 23, 2008

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Farol Island - Arraial do Cabo . RJ / Brazil

Farol Island - Arraial do Cabo . RJ / Brazil
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This one makes a magic three.

Good night.

Road To The Sky

Road To The Sky
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Another cool photo. Click on it to see the photographer's story on this one. :)

Scotia Plaza

Scotia Plaza
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This is a building I see often here in Toronto, but I've never looked at it quite like this. I'm sorry that I didn't think of photographing it like this myself.

It's a randomly-found photo on Flickr.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

The real bosses around here

Earlier this year, I had a couple of parties here at my apartment, and I was surprised by how many people were really anxious to meet my cats (who were in my bedroom, hiding from all the REALLY LOUD strangers in my living room). So I earnestly promised to provide photos, despite really not wanting to sound like a cat lady. But, finally ...

This one is Sabrina. I got her in a South Korean market in 1996. She was about the size of a well-fed hamster at the time. She reeked of fish when I brought her home. But I forgave her when she crawled under the covers with me that night to curl up in a delicate little ball against my shoulder. I brought her home to Canada with me a year and a half later because I couldn't imagine leaving her behind.

Those dark marks on her nose? Freckles.

She has a very long body, long legs, and a face that's slightly pointy. Somewhat like Siamese cats.

Fast-forward a few years ... The first time I moved into my very own place in Canada after returning from Korea, it was so empty and lonely (Sabrina was still with my parents), so I went straight to the local Humane Society and found this kitten who seemed to have a lot of love to share. The instant I took her out of the cage, she flipped onto her back - in my hands - so I could rub her belly.

It was only after I took her home and was doggedly pursued by her endless pleas for attention and relentless piercing stares that I realized that Cleo had a lot of love to take. But she was cute and I adjusted, and thankfully she's a little more independent these days.

Okay, now that I've run the risk of sounding like a cat lady, please tell me about YOUR pets!

Friday, June 20, 2008


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A bracelet that I think would be tacky to wear, but I like this shot. Taken last weekend in Kensington Market, Toronto.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

He said it first

I wouldn't have posted this, except the end is really funny.

However, this is not for you, Mom.

It speaks for itself

You go, girl!

I love this - she is soft-spoken, and yet packs a punch!

Love, love, LOVE strong, thinking women!!!

Creepy and disturbing

For a man who's apparently wanted to be POTUS since God was a boy, I don't think he exercised the best judgement by appearing in this skit:

Isn't he always harping on Obama for an alleged lack of judgment? Physician, heal thyself.

My pick for Obama's VP

He's a successful military man who has helped bring peace to a war zone, he's a Rhodes scholar, he's articulate, and he takes no guff:

But best of all? The chiseled cheekbones.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tuesday Trivia Twenty - Roommate Edition

  1. Other than living with my family, I have had 13 roommates/housemates.
  2. I’m still in touch with only 4 of them.
  3. I’ve reconnected with two of them via Facebook. Yay Facebook!
  4. I might reconnect with more if I could just remember their last names … grrrrr …
  5. I saw Schindler’s List with my housemate Alan, back in our university days. We could barely talk for an hour or two afterwards because we were in such shock.
  6. Alan thought it would be funny if, with our other housemate Jen, we brushed each other’s teeth. Sometimes Alan was still stuck at summer camp. ;->
  7. A roommate once told our mutual friends that I was trying to profit off the situation by asking that her boyfriend pay for his share of the utilities that he was using by living with us. I’m such a bitch … :)
  8. Said boyfriend became abusive and paranoid. Not fun.
  9. It was about 7 years before I decided it would be okay to have another roommate after THAT experience.
  10. One of my roommates thought the new toaster oven was about to explode, but it was just a fan that was rattling.
  11. Two of my dearest university friendships were forged as housemates.
  12. The best party we ever had in university was a dessert party. No booze, just sugar. LOTS of it. OMG we were flying that night, and absolutely leaden the next day!
  13. My first roommate in Korea was a great guy from Newfoundland named Jim. He worked out every day and had an amazing body (hey, he walked around the apartment in a tiny pair of shorts – I’m not blind!!!!). He ate five meals a day just to replenish the calories he burned at the gym and on his mountain bike.
  14. He was really kind to me and helped me settle into life in Korea.
  15. Over the school Xmas holidays, we turned off the heat in our apartment to save money, and the pipes burst. We were young and stupid. What a mess!
  16. Of all my roommates, only one relationship really ended badly.
  17. My first-year university roommate, Michelle, spent most of her time with her boyfriend, so I often had our room to myself. (Awesome!)
  18. One of my university housemates was obsessed with having blonde, blue-eyed children, so she was dating this guy who was kinda sorta blond but truly definitely an asshole. They were a good pair.
  19. A housemate once complained that I was very “anecdotally” because TV shows would make me think of stories to share when she really just wanted to watch TV. (I do love anecdotes … sigh.)
  20. In general, I like living with someone (always good in case you’re hurt or sick, or as a prophylactic against being “eaten by Alsatians”, as Bridget Jones always worried), but I’m quite content to live alone as well.

Monday, June 16, 2008

What I did yesterday

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I'm behind the camera.

Congratulations and best wishes Aidan and Alan!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Good enough to eat!!!!

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Gaaaahh, very busy day here folks. You might hear about it later, but you might not. In the meantime, do these apples not look absolutely inviting?

Photo of the day

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I took this photo today, near Kensington Market.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Best blog entry of the day

The back story is that Mia is almost 3 years old, and she has a baby brother named Owen. Enjoy.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dear Weight Scale

Dear Weight Scale,

I know it was me who ate all those appetizers (the deep-fried spring rolls, the pizza, the quesadillas, the nachos) at the company social tonight, even when I know there really is no such thing as a "free" lunch. And I know this came after a three-day course in a hotel conference room where I sat on my behind all day and ate croissants and blueberry scones and most of the other crap they fed us, just so I could stay awake.

But, still, you suck.



Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Medieval help desk

I think this one has been around for a while, but today was the first time I've ever seen it ...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Always a nice sunset

Always a nice sunset
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Folks, I can't believe it's only Tuesday. What a week! Not bad, just tiring ...

I hope you like this photo I found on Flickr tonight. It's not a real blog post, but it's the only thing on the menu at THIS kitchen tonight! :)

Monday, June 09, 2008

Bill Moyers on the challenges facing the American media and voting public

Excellent, interesting, thought-provoking speech. Much of it also applies to the Canadian situation, I think ...

Excellent rebuttal to an ignorant assertion

Tom Delay, Indicted Republican: Unless he proves me wrong, [Obama] is a Marxist.

Hunter, Blogger: Unless he proves me wrong, Tom Delay lures children into his van with candy, gasses them to death with bug spray, and uses their powdered bones as an aphrodisiac when making love to all the animals at the San Antonio Sea World.

Prove me wrong, pal, prove me wrong.

Poor Tom Delay; it's so hard to prove a negative! LOL

Hillary, sexism, and the Daily Show

Brilliant and very funny.

My faves: "freedom drops" and "garbage bags full of ..." LOL

I hope you can live with yourself for eating bacon after this ... :)

Sunday, June 08, 2008


Today did not end up being remotely as expected. A friend was sick, and she had an art show that required some supervision. So I ended up sitting in a corner of a store for most of the day. No biggie, but now am stupidly tired. You must find entertainment elsewhere tonight, I'm afraid ... :)

Saturday, June 07, 2008

I'm a Counselor

Rings pretty true to me, even though I hated hated HATED the yes/no questionnaire.

What are you?

Friday, June 06, 2008

Playing catch-up

Just a quick update - it's been busy here, what with getting back into my gym routine (I will continue to go to the gym until I start to LIKE it again!), work, trying to meditate a bit more often, and so many political blogs to read, what with Obama finally winning the Democratic nomination this week!!!!! Fortunately for me, I think I'm reaching capacity with the political blogs and perhaps I can now catch up on some sleep.

Zen, I'll have an answer to you soon re. astrological signs ... This weekend, hopefully!

Would it be so cute without the accent?

Likely not ...

Thursday, June 05, 2008

No hay problema

Just sit back and let these wonderful, rich sounds wash over you ...

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Wrong, wrong, just plain wrong

From E.J. Dionne of The Washington Post:

Word spread like wildfire in Catholic circles: Douglas Kmiec, a staunch Republican, firm foe of abortion and veteran of the Reagan Justice Department, had been denied Communion.

His sin? Kmiec, a Catholic who can cite papal pronouncements with the facility of a theological scholar, shocked old friends and adversaries alike earlier this year by endorsing Barack Obama for president. For at least one priest, Kmiec's support for a pro-choice politician made him a willing participant in a grave moral evil.

Kmiec was denied Communion in April at a Mass for a group of Catholic business people he later addressed at dinner. The episode has not received wide attention outside the Catholic world, but it is the opening shot in an argument that could have a large impact on this year's presidential campaign: Is it legitimate for bishops and priests to deny Communion to those supporting candidates who favor abortion rights?

This kind of thing infuriates me, simply because many anti-abortionists behave as no other life form has one bit of value compared to that of a fetus. The priest in question here has turned a blind eye to the thousands of innocents killed - and continuing to be killed - in Iraq as a result of that war, and instead attempts to punish someone who supports an anti-war political candidate who also happens to be pro-choice. I do not understand this kind of two-dimensional Selecto-Vision.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Awesome story

Great story from The Washington Post about a wedding reception that was held last weekend at the same hotel where there was all that craziness about Florida and Michigan and the Democratic Party:

[The bride and groom] found themselves at rancorous Ground Zero in the battle between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama when the Democratic Party held its Rules and Bylaws Committee meeting at the same time and place -- Saturday, the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel -- as their 200-guest wedding reception.

The happy couple was toasted amid angry hallway clashes and a barrage of hollering and sign-waving. DeBuchananne encountered ladies' room partisans wanting to know whom she supported; and Rogers's Philly relatives couldn't resist sneaking away to check out the (sort of) historic action in the nearby committee room.

Did it ruin their big day? Hardly. "Matt and I were like, this is D.C., this is what you get when you live here," the new Mrs. Rogers, 26, a sales manager for a marketing company, told us yesterday. "That's why I wanted to have the wedding in the city -- this is why we have such a great country."

"We could let it ruin the wedding, or we could embrace it," said Rogers, 29, who works in finance with Accenture. "We embraced it." So when the protesters shouted, "Count the vote, count the vote!" and "Fifty states, not 48!" the bridesmaids came back with "Danielle and Matt in Oh-Eight!"

(The answer to the ladies' room question: The newlyweds like Obama. "Neither of us are big Hillary people," DeBuchananne said. "It's funny that she was a big part of our wedding.")

Back at their room, they were surprised by a huge platter of food, a nice bottle of champagne and a note: "Thank you so much for sharing your day with us." Signed: Howard Dean and the Democratic National Committee.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

yellow star

yellow star
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Another photo I found on Flickr. I love it.