Monday, September 12, 2005

Tantric pizza

You may have heard the saying, “Sex is like pizza. It can never be bad, but some is better than others.” I will leave it to you to decide whether there is such a thing as bad sex, but there is definitely such a thing as bad pizza – and until you have the really good kind, you just don’t realize how bad most pizza is.

I used to work in a place called the Whitby Mall. It’s in Whitby, ON at Thickson and Dundas Streets. The place is a hole as far as malls go (some would even say it’s cursed), but there’s a little restaurant called “Under Wraps” that revolutionized my expectations of pizza. It’s delicious, it’s phenomenal, it’s the tantric sex of pizza. Instead of using dough, they use pita shells as crusts, so after baking, they’re thin and crisp. Then they load up the pita shell with all sorts of fresh vegetables (tomatoes, onions, green and red peppers, olives, hot peppers, whatever you want) and then lots of shredded cheese.

Tantric pizza is one of the things that I really miss about living in Whitby. If you’re ever in the area, I highly recommend stopping by Under Wraps, saying hello to my very funny friends Liz and Rob, and trying a personal tantric pizza for yourself!

If you try to make it at home (as I’ve done tonight, with results almost as good as Under Wraps), here are a few hints:

  • Use white pitas unless you can find whole wheat pitas that taste really good. A pizza isn’t tantric if its crust tastes like recycled cardboard.
  • For meat, you can just chop up some luncheon meat. For instance, tonight I used 3 slices of honey-roasted chicken.
  • Chop/slice your vegetables thinly so that they soften a bit in the oven. I’ve been keeping sliced peppers, onions, etc. in the fridge so I can quickly use them in salads or on pizza.
  • Cook the pizza at 300 degrees F until the cheese is melted and starting to crust over.
  • Use at least a little bit of onion (not you, though, Joe) – it really adds to the flavour.
  • Send me a thank-you card for introducing you to the best pizza you’ve ever tasted! LOL

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