Saturday, January 22, 2005

Girls Just Want to Be Warm

This part of the world has been caught in a cold snap for most of the week now. Sure, it's Canada, it comes with the territory, blahblahblah, but enough is enough!

Current atire (home in my apartment): flannel pajamas, long-sleeved T-shirt under pj top, extra pair of cotton pants over pj bottoms, socks, and indoor shoes (sexy, n'est-ce pas?). Last night it was so cold that I also wore a wool cardigan and a touque so I could sit at my kitchen table rather than hide under the covers of my bed.

Yesterday after work, I went to the first Girls' Night Out Club birthday party (to be a monthly affair). I took the subway home afterwards, and walked home from the station. Those two blocks to my apartment building were so cold that my eyelashes hurt!!! I had a heavy scarf wrapped around my head (over which I wore the hood from my coat), and I had to pull the sides of the scarf forward to cover my poor little nose! LOL As I scuttled down the street, I found myself muttering, "I just want to be WARM!" LOL

Sunday, January 09, 2005

My new favourite line from a song

It's an old Wallflowers song (to which I was just listening):

"I'm not a whore, I'm just an educated virgin." LOL

- from Sleepwalker

Touching story

In Their Loss, They Found Each Other