Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The most beautiful book dedication I've ever read

Found by my high school friend Jodi:

To R. Haigh Windsor who possesses the clearest intelligence I have known, whose comprehension and direction make intense every joy of our married and professional association.

The book in which this dedication appears is "Phrenology: The Science of Character" and was written by William Windsor. Published in 1921.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Everything's amazing, nobody's happy

This has been widely circulated, but just in case you missed it ...

I finally watched it

... and it was sooooooo worth it.

Is it just me, or does all Cramer's gee-whiz schtick seem incredibly overblown and insincere?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I can relate!

Even the duvet cover is like mine!!! :)

Monday, March 09, 2009

Children left in cars by accident

One of the most moving articles I have ever read. Utterly tragic, but I'm sharing to spread awareness.

Funny but profane

So, Mom, this one is not for you:

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Thursday, March 05, 2009

I will likely never invest in the stock market again

Must-read article here. Then watch this CNBC reporter shamelessly tell how he manipulates the market:

This isn't the first time I've read about short-sellers taking down a company - Vanity Fair had this article several months ago how Bear Stearns was basically made insolvent by rumours, propagated by CNBC.

I hear my friend Melissa saying: "We're all rubes! Rubes!!!!"

Sunday, March 01, 2009

I have a new hero

This woman has an incredible spirit.

Modern-age medicine?

Doctor Jay Parkinson became a celebrity last year as word spread about his unconventional practice in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Instead of maintaining a traditional office and paying support staff, Parkinson's operation is entirely virtual and requires almost no overhead. (Unless you consider a Mac overhead.) Instead, he operates a web site loaded with Web 2.0 touches that allows patients to easily get in touch and explains his services in plain English. After an initial in-person consultation, exchanges can be online, either through instant messaging, email or web cam. He uses Gmail to handle his email load and has neatly integrated Google Calendar into his web site - allowing patients to see his schedule at a glance and book their own appointments.

Not sure how I feel about this one ... I DO think it's very cool for a physician to be accessible online, making him/her (theoretically) more available, but I have to wonder about possible risks to the patient if the doctor is not able to directly observe the patient (e.g., looking in the ears, down the throat, feeling for swollen lymph nodes, even observing strong odours, etc.).


Lucky Girl

Jenny is a friend I met in university - a lovely woman with the biggest heart - and a history of near-misses of which I'd previously been unaware! Quite the story, and I know you'll be amazed ... :)

Copied here from FB, with her permission:

Strange, but true...

I've been in two major car crashes (one hit & run) -- neither my fault!!...was in one tour bus crash (I was a passenger)...have been in two earthquakes...two tornados...one flood...held up with a gun...was stuck in the mud (right up to the rims) in the prairies during a severe lightening storm...been lost in a forest (required a search party)...had the building next to me blow up...was robbed...was electrocuted once...and had one very nasty experience with E-Coli. What have I learned? Look BOTH ways before crossing the street...wear a seatbelt...stand in the door frame during an earthquake...hide in the bathtub under cushions in a tornado and pray...always have a life jacket...avoid eye contact with someone pointing a gun...avoid prairie dirt roads when it rains...carry a compass...listen to fire alarms...and don't mix electricity with water :) ... don't drink the water in India...and most importantly...don't forget to laugh!! "Little challenges" can make you stronger...and make for a great stories down the road. Good life lessons, eh :) Just thought I'd pass them on...

peace, jenny

George Clooney in Darfur

Tell me about your heroes

After the post below re. sports players and the hero that John Elway certainly was to a boy in need, I'm curious ... who are YOUR heroes, and why?

I'd really like to know - I welcome your comments. :)

With a priceless cameo