Thursday, April 26, 2007

An object lesson from nature

Ralph Waldo Emmerson once wrote, “The earth laughs in flowers.” Well, today was the proverbial giggle that echoes through a church during a funeral.

I’m not sure what the climate is like where you are, but here in Toronto we’ve only had a few warm days so far, and most trees are just starting to grow buds for their leaves. So everything is still pretty much grey and brown and drab and dirty-looking. Until today …

This morning when I left my apartment building, I noticed that there was a large shrub across the street that had – overnight, apparently – burst into small, bright yellow flowers. It is so cheerful and happy to look at.

Here again, nature provides an object lesson. Your job could be a veritable suckus uninterruptus, or maybe you just left your husband, or maybe you have some stupid complex problem with a loved one that seems impossible to resolve. But nature tells you: life can turn on a dime. This is both cause for hope during those looooong terrible grey days, and it’s also an urgent warning for us to savour what’s good about the present. Because you just never know.

Tomorrow I’ll try to post a picture of this shrub, and one of you incredibly smart and knowledgeable people can tell me what it is. :)


Anonymous said...

My guess is it's a forsythia! I have a couple and their brilliant yellow can make you feel happy even on a dull day.

Let's hope for another glorious weekend! I spent last weekend turning over garden beds and even planted a few perennials. I love gardening!


slg said...

Sort of like a sunburst :D Paradise for the moment--maybe they were buttercups?! Hold them under your chin and ask "are u sweet...?" If you're sweet, they are supposed to reflect the yellow under your chin, if not that means u r sour!