Thursday, June 01, 2006

This is me - hang-gliding!!!!

Originally uploaded by Noisypond.

These are photos taken by High Perspective (cheaper camera than my new one!). All but the last three were taken as the camera was mounted to a strut of the hang-glider.

The major distraction during my flight was my helmet, which kept threatening to slide forward over my eyebrows. It seemed to fit perfectly when I was on the ground - perhaps I have a small frontal lobe, or an irregularly-shaped skull?

The guy with me is the instructor, who (thankfully!) knew a lot more about flying than I did!

1 comment:

Chelsea's Mama said...

I am such a wuss.
I would never do that.

I would rather get a pedicure or take a bubble bath or get my hair done...

Too much of a diva.