Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Bitter Irony

I was working out at the gym last night when I saw this interview by Ann Curry of NBC re. the genocide in Sudan. Did anyone else catch it?

Ann Curry: Mr. President, I have this map from the U.S. Department of State that shows more than a thousand villages in the Darfur region — more than a thousand burned.
And the question is, how can this be done by Arab militias without the support of the Sudanese government? This is shocking.

Omar al-Bashir: What do you think about the picture that Colin Powell presented before the national security that confirmed and illustrated the presence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? What do you think about it?

Curry: You're saying this is not true?

Al-Bashir: This picture is the same fabrication and the same picture as the ones Colin Powell presented about Iraq.

So here's Curry, one of the few Americans who gives a damn about Darfur (to her credit, she seemed genuinely and sincerely concerned about it), and this guy throws Iraq in her face. After all, America's trumped up charges about foreign governments before ... it now has no credibility.

Hope you're happy, Cheney.


Truly Equal said...

Oh my freakin-God - what a great post! I'll be sure to pass this bit around. Unbelievable.

Eclecta said...

Hi Truly! Thanks for the visit and the comment.

I was just thinking that this post is probably mis-named. I think "We told you so" would have been a better title. [laughing, sighing, and shaking my head all at once]

But I will leave it as-is to ensure your friends can find it. It should get more attention than it's had, because it illustrates that lefty bloggers are right AGAIN.



Truly Equal said...

I just blogged about this and gave you the heads up. Truly amazing, and depressing at the same time.

Jay said...

How sad for the innocent victims who are ignored...seems like the real issue is too often swept aside.

Eclecta said...

Jay, yet again you see the true heart of the matter. Thank you for your comment.