Sunday, September 20, 2009

This weekend - flow of consciousness style

Late, late, late (of course) to pick up Daisey and Renée to go camping.
Too much – way too much – stuff (of course) in the car.
Lock keys in trunk.
Spare car key is also locked in trunk.
CAA comes quickly to save the day.
Whoops, now Daisey and Renée are running an errand.
Okay, FINALLY on our way! WOOT.
Make planned stop at medical supply store.
Which stethoscope would be best balance of cost and functionality?
Which colour of stethoscope best suits me?
Choices are:
black (boring);
grey (almost as boring);
raspberry (too girly – who will take me seriously with a gum-coloured steth?);
forest green (tempting, but perhaps too dark);
burgundy (so 80s);
bright orange (hmm, not in the clown unit);
Caribbean blue (Renée picked this one too, but with 100+ classmates, there’s bound to be some redundancy).
Retail personnel take not-so-secret pleasure informing med student she’s wearing the steth incorrectly.
Going with the Caribbean blue – after much indecision.
(Yes, eventually I’ll post photos.)
Okay, on the road now finally.
Wait – is that an LCBO? Do we have any booze to take with us?
A bottle of wine is definitely in order.
Okay, NOW we’re on the highway.

We stop somewhere along the way and rip apart the cold roast chicken that was supposed to be our dinner.
Apples, grapes, rice cakes too.
We talk and we dream and we make lists!!!

Pitching tent, buying firewood.
Someone – not me – suggests all three of us will fit nicely and warmly into the (borrowed) three-person tent.
Watching the sunset from the rugged Georgian Bay coastline. Beautiful.
Dinner is somewhat burned, but still delicious.
Sitting by the fire for hours, talking talking talking
Telling stories
We’re each wearing multiple layers against the cold, and I’m draped in a warm blanket too.
Finally we go to the shore again.
Stars stars stars stars stars …

In the tent, Renée gets middle spot.
Poor Renée.
With all the layers and body heat and down-filled sleeping bag, it’s hot.
I try to open my sleeping bag, etc. to cool off a bit, but we’re packed in like sardines.
Manage to sleep
At least more than Renée probably did.
Sunrise is beautiful.
Daisey and I are up to enjoy it.
Relaxing breakfast.
Studying a little on the rocky beach.
Pack up, travel home.
Renée tries to sleep in the car.
Short hike on the beautiful Hockley Valley trail, north of Orangeville.

Back in the city
Tired and nursing another sore ankle
But feeling great.
Can’t wait to go again!

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