Sunday, September 20, 2009

Chicago Mom Breastfeeds in Public - The Doctors Next Door

Chicago Mom Breastfeeds in Public - The Doctors Next Door: "Did you see the Sun Times last week? The picture on the front page, of all places, showed two moms nursing their babies in public.

According to the article, Lauren Trost was nursing her 7 month old son, Hank, outside in a public plaza in Lincoln Square. Another mom walking by with her two young children noticed that Lauren was doing this outside in public and threatened to call the police. She told others gathered in the plaza that it was indecent and illegal.

So, guess what Lauren did? Not only did she continue to nurse her baby, she also rallied other breast feeding moms and their nursing infants to join in on a breast feeding protest, again, outside in public.

What a nervy, gutsy, and inconsiderate thing to do."

Personally, I think Trost's transgression was naming her child Hank. However, the rest of the article is definitely worth a read. Breastfeeding needs not only to be accepted but ENCOURAGED whenever possible.

Oh, and interesting note in the article: the World Health Organization recommends breastfeeding until age two. So if you want to get all uppity about a woman breastfeeding once her child has grown teeth, please keep your prejudices to yourself. :)

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