Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Daily Kos:  Think the Teabaggers Are Crazy Now?  Just Wait.

Daily Kos:  Think the Teabaggers Are Crazy Now?  Just Wait.: "We have to marginalize and ultimately ignore these people now--and that goes for everyone from top to bottom: Democratic legislators, organizational activists, traditional media figures, bloggers, and regular voters. These crazies are already taking up far too much of our valuable time, attention and discourse. And it's only going to get worse. Much, much worse.

Glenn Beck is right about one thing: this is just the beginning of the road for these people. It's only going to get more depraved, more delusional, more psychotic and more potentially violent from here.

The sooner they are ignored and forgotten, the better. Otherwise this freak show, like a train wreck in slow motion, will be all anyone can focus on, to the detriment of our body politic and of the regular Americans who voted for President Barack Hussein Obama in overwhelming numbers."

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