Sunday, September 20, 2009

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The Daily Coyote » Blog Archive » Untitled: "But then, years later when I was living in New York City, my tattoo’s meaning revealed itself to me after a profoundly beautiful encounter with a bum on the Alphabet Streets.

Fever Fatale, literally, means fatal fever. Death by burning. Hell. And I saw time as a landscape, as in Slaughterhouse 5. And I saw how we are so often apt, when someone slights us - whether it be an unkind word or cutting us off at an intersection - to snap at the next person we see, and the negativity is perpetuated, on and on, travelling further and gaining momentum. And I decided to do my best, when on the receiving end of meanness or negativity, to keep it at my wrist, to stop it there instead of passing it on to someone else."

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