Saturday, February 28, 2009

Wonderful story

What an amazing story - very moving.

I don't understand why sports players are heroes in today's society, but I'm so very glad that this kid had this particular experience with a very classy man.


PV said...

Well, mathematicians tried to be the hero's, but it just doesn't look as cool spiking a calculator in the end zone. The thing just breaks into a million pieces. Sitting there crying over the broken calculator wasn't helping them either...they just can't compete with the sports guys.... ;)

You always hear that Elway is a class act. If he lives every day like that, well, I'd sure say so!

Eclecta said...

LOL Pete, you are too funny!!! Comparing a mathematician to a touchdown-scoring football star is just UNFAIR. :->

Elway - class act? I know little about the man, but based on this story, I would have to agree 100%.

Thanks, as always, for commenting. :)