Friday, July 09, 2010

Thank you very much, British Petrol

Thank you very much, British Petrol: "Which means, of course, that no catastrophe will ever be large enough, and the only thing that will finally force us away from oil is, of course, when we run out. And as Alberta's disgusting oilsands prove, we're developing simple horrific, planet-raping techniques to ensure that doesn't happen for a long, long while. Hell, Texas's 'best and brightest' in the biz are already proposing, not ways to wean us off oil, but merely ways to develop better technologies for more efficient drilling. Sort of like saying of course we should never stop declaring wars; we should only develop better ways to kill people. Good thinking. Thanks, Texas. P.S.; Go to hell."

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Anonymous said...

I hate big oil people the same as the rest but know these things. Do people think for one second that BP wanted that oil anywhere but in there pockets?, NO. IT WAS AN ACCIDENT. I quit driving 28 years ago and learned to ride a bike ( 10 miles to work one way.) One need only look in the mirror to see where the oil is needed, not to mention just about EVERYTHING is made with a derivative or distilate of oil. People are selfish and whine like children when there needs aren't met right now. The World’s average daily petroleum demand for the first three quarters of 2007 was 85.31 million barrels per day. So, “When will the petroleum run out?” The petroleum supply will be fully depleted anywhere from 2028 to 2070, with the highest probability range being between 2036 and 2050. And as the people with cognisant thought know full well we should ween ourselves off foreign oil and drill here, the PAID protesters drive a thousand miles and pretend to care and bitch to high heaven. So Eclecta, Conservatively, one could say that there is at least a 20 year window from invention to implementation of an alternative fuel or energy source to take the place of petroleum. It is currently 2008, with no development that fits the bill even on the horizon, and the petroleum could run out in as little as 20 years. Granted, the more likely scenario is running out of supply between 2036 and 2050, but that still only leaves less than 50 years to invent a totally new technology and implement it, all the while weaning ourselves from petroleum products. I personally think we are cutting it a little close. And too blame the Government is pure retard thinking, we don't want them there. We NEED Engineers there, bottom line.