Thursday, November 05, 2009

Darfur Peace and Development » Solar Cooker Program

Darfur Peace and Development » Solar Cooker Program: "The task of preparing a meal in Darfur brings a challenging set of problems and risks. The persistent conflict in Darfur has led to the deforestation of areas around IDP camps. Shortages of fuel wood have had severe negative impact on the safety and survival of Darfuri women, the primary collectors of firewood. Each month they must travel increasingly long distances to find wood for fuel. The personal danger inherent in the chore is formidable: women are at high risk of attacks and sexual abuse once they leave the camp. And as households consumes the limited energy source, the deforestation of Darfur advances.

With over two million displaced people — mainly women and children — the cycle of degradation and shortages will continue in Darfur unless effective alternatives are implemented."

Read more about how solar cookers - at $30 a piece - can address these problems. It's really quite remarkable.

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