Sunday, October 11, 2009


In honour of Canadian Thanksgiving, here is a quick list of the things for which I'm thankful today. I'd love it if you'd take the time to post your own. Either way, happy Thanksgiving one and all!!!!

  1. Clean water

  2. Sunny days

  3. Nature - its beauty and restorative powers

  4. Camping around beautiful Georgian Bay this year

  5. Did I mention camping???

  6. Safety

  7. People I can trust

  8. President Barack Hussein Obama

  9. The privilege of learning what I’m learning – so one day, I can truly help people

  10. Adaptogenic herbs to help me do what I gotta do

  11. Good food

  12. The Big Carrot

  13. My camera, and my car that takes me places I can indulge my photography hobby

  14. People who live according to their conscience

  15. People who inspire me – there are giants in my life – ones I know, others I know of. Their importance in my life can’t be overstated.

  16. My friends and family

  17. Technology like Facebook and Twitter that help me keep in touch with friends (and family) and to make new friends :)

  18. Angels and answered prayer. So incredible.

  19. That we’re never really alone, and that there’s so much more to this world than what first meets the eye

  20. My freedom – we all go through some struggle to be free, even here in North America. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t recognize how incredibly blessed we are here.

  21. That my rights as a woman are recognized here in North America, thanks to the many years of struggle and insistence of previous generations

  22. My access to education – a privilege that the majority of women (and men) in this world can’t even dream of.

  23. Books!

  24. Knowledge!!!

  25. The CBC

  26. The freedom of religion and the separation of Church and State, trusting each person to live according to his/her conscience without fear or interference

  27. Music

  28. My MP3 player – makes working out at the gym and doing chores so much easier!

  29. Passion – in all its forms – it makes life exciting!!!

  30. Creativity. Life is complex, multilayered, and we need every last bit of fresh thinking to address the issues of our day. But we can!

  31. Potential – each of us has SOOOO much. Which leads to …

  32. Hope. Thank goodness we have hope.

  33. Wit – Oh how I love wit. It just tickles me so! For this reason, I’m also thankful for Rick Mercer … :)

  34. Laughter – needs no elaboration, amirite?

  35. My classmates – so talented, such amazing human beings!

  36. My professors – what a privilege to learn from them, such generosity on their part to share their vast experience and knowledge.

  37. My body – I breathe, move, heal, digest, etc. without conscious control from my mind, which is a good thing – it is far too wondrous and complex for me to control it consciously!!!

  38. Community – we’re all in this together – we learn from each other, we shape each other’s views and experiences, we take care of each other. Life = relationships.

  39. That we live in a truly TRANSFORMATIONAL age, and that things can change on a dime. There is nothing holding us back except ourselves, and it's entirely possible that small, concentrated efforts can lead to very large, powerful movements that radically change the world, and with technology, one's reach is greater than EVER before. It's a privilege to be alive in this day and age!


Just call me K said...

Awesome post. I have one going up tomorrow in the same light. I gave you credit for the post idea!

Reading your list made me realize just how similar you and I really are.

Eclecta said...

Hey K ... thank you for your kind words. I really enjoyed reading YOUR post, and I agree - we have many values in common!!! :-> So nice we're still in touch ... HUG!!!